How to Use an Auger Bit for a Drill Press

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If you need to remove the auger bit for a drill from the chuck that holds your place then one of the first things to do is to use the shop fox fastening strap. You will probably be pretty surprised at just how much weight the auger can potentially add to your drill press as you are extracting the bit. If you are lucky then you might not add too much, if you are unlucky then you could end up with a serious injury. As soon as you remove the bit from the chuck take a close look at it and make sure that there is nothing stuck inside the spindle. If you are unsure what to do then ask someone who is an experienced drill user for advice.

auger bit for a drill


Rules Not To Follow About Auger Bit For A Drill

In the majority of cases the reason that the bits fall out of the chuck is because the cutting tool has been damaged. This can usually be fixed by replacing the cutting tool with a new one and then tightening the screw that attaches it to the chuck. If you can’t afford this sort of service then you are going to have to get your bits refiled by a professional, there are specialist tool refurbishment machines available which can cut the bits to size for you, but they are quite expensive. The best drill presses on the market however do not require the user to do anything at all in order to use them. These machines work by having a very tightly sealed box with a little pump that pushes the bit into it.

Once the bit is in place it can be turned quickly and easily so that the spindle can be rotated at the level of depth that you want. A depth stop is also included with many of these machines and is a useful addition to keep you correct at all times. Once the bit is set it can be drilled quickly and easily by turning the handle in the opposite direction to that which you are drilling, this helps to prevent slippage and keeps you accurate. You can use either the regular setting or the self-contained safety setting, the former being a little less safe, but more effective. One of the biggest advantages of using this type of drill press over a standard drill press is the ability to quickly change the speed of the spindle. These types of machines allow you to drill at up to two hundred and twenty-five revolutions per minute, well above the official rate of sixty to seventy strokes per minute.

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